Hi I'm Mars! I'm a computer science and machine learning researcher, as well as a generalist tech freelancer and educator. I am currently working towards my PhD in Computer Engineering at the University of Tasmania and CSIRO.

Contact + Links

You can contact me at @TheMartianLife via: Email, Twitter, GitHub, GitLab, or LinkedIn. You can also find a selection of my talk recordings on YouTube.

Recent Press/Content


My day-to-day work is mostly programming, either for research, clients, or myself. Much of my professional work has been uncredited or is under NDAs, but my experience broadly covers:

I primarily code in C (incl. CUDA, OpenCL), C++, C#, Python, and Swift, and for teaching I often use Java and Prolog. But I love learning new (and old) languages, and in my free time I write LaTeX packages for fun.

So if you have a tool or app you want made—for a radio telescope, for educational purposes, to enable science, for a good cause, or just something interesting—pitch it to me. I'll see what I can do for you.


So far I have written two books:

I unfortunately had another book cancelled, after its topic project was sunset by Google without warning.

And I was also a proud tech reviewer for the fantastic Swift Style, Second Edition by the equally fantastic Erica Sadun, for The Pragmatic Bookshelf.

For research publications, see ORCiD logo ORCiD 0000-0001-8512-2434


I have been a frequent speaker at tech events all over the world, including:

I also semi-regularly feature on the radio as an expert in STEM- and tech-related topics, such as on ABC Hobart's Your Afternoon about myriad topics—including the space debris "crisis", data privacy and Australia's anti-encryption Laws, issues with cryptocurrency and NFTS, gaming "disorder", and more—and on 3RRR's Einstein-A-Go-Go for their 20 PhDs in 20 Minutes special.

I happily accept speaking requests. So if you have a cool event coming up that you think I'd suit, tell me about it!


I am an intermittent teaching assistant, tutor, and advisor at the University of Tasmania's School of Information, Communication and Technology.

In this capacity, I have been responsible for teaching undergraduate Artificial Intelligence (KIT108) and Introduction to Data Science (KIT102), and am currently engaged as a unit design advisor for postgraduate Mobile Dev for Market (KIT614).

When my work schedule permits it, I also offer private tutoring in programming and computer science topics.


I am currently serving as an Executive Council Member for the AUC (fka. Apple University Consortium) and act as Conference Organiser for the annual /dev/world Apple developer community conference.

I also previously served as the Student Member Representative and Tasmanian Branch Executive Committee Member for the Australian Computer Society, where I was a founder of the annual Information Overload scholarship fundraiser.

In addition to these, I enjoy regular volunteering at tech and/or educational events. So if you need a hand, get in touch!


I have received a number of awards, for both myself and projects I have worked on, spanning:


But it's not all work. I have other hobbies and interests too! For example:

Website design inspired by smushing together the styles of Darius Kazemi's Run your own social and Gilles Castel's Lecture notes.